Bali Travel Do's & Dont's

Travel Dont’s
  • Don’t Buy Drugs. Indonesian Drug Laws are extremely strict.
  • Don’t Do Tattoo Art With Dangerous Chemicals
  • Don’t Drink Tap Water as it does not taste good and lead to stomach problems.
  • Don’t Forget Your Insurance While Doing Dangerous Sports
  • Don’t Deal with Commissioned Money Changers
  • Don’t Swim Beyond the Red Flags
  • Don’t Bargain For the Fun of It
  • Don’t Tip At Places Where Service Tax is Already Added .
  • DON’T: USE YOUR LEFT HAND WHEN GIVING/RECEIVING. It is considered impolite.
  • DON’T: TOUCH PEOPLE’S HEADS as it considered the most sacred part of the human body.
  • Don’t touch or point someone with you feet. It is considered very offensive.
Travel Do’s
  • DO pay very close attention when exchanging money as Money changers on Bali are notorious for sleight of hand tactics to leave you with less Rupiah then you’re supposed to get
  • DO head straight to Ubud which is considered as the cultural heart of Bali, and it makes a good place to start off your trip
  • DO treat yourself to a spa package
  • DO expect to be surrounded by smokers
  • DO bargain hard for souvenirs
  • DO rent a motorbike to get around. Renting a motorbike can be a great way to get around on Bali, especially in the southern area if you want to drive around to see different beaches
  • DO visit Kuta beach for sunset
  • DO try the snake fruit. The Salak, otherwise known as “snake fruit”, that grows in Indonesia is a tasty treat, and it’s much easier to peel than the related fruit that grows in Thailand. Pick up a kilogram—you won’t be disappointed.
  • Do enjoy an ice cold Bintang- Bali’s number one bear which comes in large bottles.
  • Do wear a long clothing or sarong when entering a temple as Balinese are very spiritual.