America Travel Do's & Dont's

Travel Dont’s
  • Do not call black people Negro.
  • Do not ask income, assets and other personal information from anyone.
  • Do not gift white lilies. Do not give presents with company logos as its obliged for advertising.
  • Do not casually take off your shoes or bare feet in front of others. which gives people the impression of barbaric debauchery.
  • Do not pull socks in front of others, which are considered impolite. If laces loose, find a quiet place to tie up.
  • Do not stick out the tongue to others, which is considered as rude, vulgar, on scene behaviour.
  • Do not smoke in front of others without consent.
  • Do not use or ask for toothpicks at a restaurant or at a guest home. Americans love their pretty teeth. They usually use dental floss but rarely use a toothpick.
  • Do not be gaudy or do make up in public, which is thought to be bad nurture.
  • Do not start to eat until the hostess starts or ask to start a meal. Do not make chewing sound when dining.
  • Do not forget to greet children. Americans treat children equal to adults.
Travel Do’s
  • Do say hi/hello when first meet , its not necessary for handshake but d respond appropriately if they shake hands, nodding or hugging first.
  • Do make a tight grip when shaking hands and have eye contact. Americans consider it as rude and arrogant when shaking hands without looking at each.
  • Do make an appointment before visit someone and do prepare a small gift when visit a friend.
  • Do drink modestly and maintain gentle manner at public places.
  • Do avoid number 13, 3, Friday as they are associated with bad luck.
  • Do mind the conversation topic. Try to avoid some taboo topics, such a s polygamy, abortion, paedophilia etc.
  • Do take off hat, coat and sunglasses whenever indoor.
  • Do say hello to strangers. Turn your eyes away or pretend not see others is considered disdaining others.
  • Do wait in front of the restaurant door for the waiter to lead you to the table.